You’re Invited – Bay Shore Community Summit After Sandy: A 300 Year-Old Community Faces New Challenges

AfterSandyBay Shore Schools Board of Education Sponsors the 19th Annual Bay Shore Community Summit
As many communities on Long Island’s south shore think ahead to a new Post-Sandy reality, it is essential that we open a conversation about what happened, what is still left to do, and how better to handle the reality of a changing, more severe climate. As much as superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on the tri-state area, it also underscored the great resilience, determination and generosity that communities like ours show when faced with adversity.
To this end, plans are well underway for our 19th Annual Bay Shore-Brightwaters Community Summit, scheduled for Thursday evening, April 11, 2013, 7:00 PM, Bay Shore High School. This year’s theme is After Sandy and our hope is to address issues our community faced as a result of the superstorm, and to draw on our proactive, courageous spirit to tackle the problems that Sandy created and/or brought to light. For example, what changes must be made to our emergency response systems? To our infrastructure? To our vulnerable coastline?
Please join us we bring together legislators, local business leaders, realtors, Sandy workers/volunteers and residents for the purpose of sharing concerns and highlighting the resilience of our Bay Shore-Brightwaters community. This year, a symposium/Q&A format will be featured, as well as the honoring of volunteers who went above and beyond during Sandy.